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Title: Chandelier
Artist: Sia
Played: 120 times


I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist

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9/100 photos of Torrance Coombs

9/100 photos of Torrance Coombs

8/100 photos of Torrance Coombs

8/100 photos of Torrance Coombs

7/100 photos of Torrance Coombs

6/100 photos of Torrance Coombs

Anonymous asked:
Your gifs though ... Asdfghjjk what program do you use and how do you make them? Do you have a download link and tutorials?


I use PS CS5 extended :)

A lot of people make them different ways, you can either load the file into layers, use the KM player to make screencaps and load them into your photoshop through that.

I don’t have tutorials, but when I’m looking for something crafty to make, I go to yeahps for all my tutorials when it comes to learning how to use photoshop as well as ideas for graphics. But if that doesn’t work for you, or you aren’t finding as much help, try itsphotoshop, that one is also a really good photoshop source. :)

Anonymous asked:
You are the bestest of bests! Linctavia is my life and I want my friend to rp a 1:1 with me but Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) doesn't have gifs and it's sad because Hotness needs to be giffed.

once I get to them i’ll throw a little ricky into the giffing for someone to rp with you, friend ;)

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